Video: Killer Mike x B.o.B x Playboy Tre In “Rap Beef”

06.11.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

These trumpet-playing mofos sittin’ here filming skits & shit around Grand Hustle while Cliff’s gone & Alfa ain’t there to snitch. Mike, get that album out! Bobby, get that B.o.B. Vs. Bobby Ray mixtape out so we can get to the album! That lil funky snippet of “One” held me over for a sum of about the thirty-some-odd seconds that it played. I need beats by the pound pause.

The only reason I’m posting this clip is because Playboy Tre’s in it. For real for real, I’ve been procrastinating for almost two months on a written piece about Playboy having the greatest skits in Hip-Hop right now.

Don’t believe me? Refer back to “Lawked Up,” wormin’ included, and then “Wild” from the Mascot…mixtape.


Download — Playboy Tre – “Wild” (Skit)

I’m tellin’ you now, this kid is better than the the whole lot of nimwits who made your latte @ Starbucks this morning.

Download – Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot Mixtape

My bad B. Rich but it had to be said fam.

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