Video: Kathy Lee Gifford Takes A Swipe At Hammer

06.11.09 8 years ago 37 Comments

On NBC’s Today Show, Kathy Lee doesn’t go in Trey Songz-style on Hammer. But at the 3:35 mark, it gets a little awkward to say the least.

Kathy Lee: “Your dad he was at the top boy…was it $32 million you had? What happened?”

Hammer: “I don’t know but that’s not something you say to a 10 year old.”

It was enough of an offhanded slight that I wouldn’t have been mad had he gotten up, pushed her out the chair & did the Typewriter across her skull. No tellin’ how greasy she was talking about him previous to the interview when she was in the dressing room.

What she should have asked Hammer is why he had that sock on his head. Or, she could’ve asked if he’s preppin’ his son to be the next Adam Lambert, having him sing “Heartless” while wearing a polyester vest. I’ll give the kid a pass because he can’t go in Burlington & be aware of the implications. But I’ve never known a straight man to wear a vest…and if you’re a vest wearer, buddy, you’re a piccolo player as far as I’m concerned.

Seen @ Adam’s

Aside — While looking for “MC Hammer typewriter dance” to reference, I stumbled across this. Please take note of the knitting granny oblivious to all the fuckery going on around her.

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