Well That’s Timely: Pac-Man TV Show

06.23.10 7 years ago

Avi Arad represented Namco Bandai at this year’s E3 event, showing a 3-minute teaser to announce their upcoming 3D animated Pac-Man TV show.  They know we don’t own 3D TV sets yet right?  And that the last Pac-Man TV show ran from 1982 to 1984, and it sucked, and it was about a video game from 1980 with no actual plot?  Next you’ll be saying they’re making a movie about the Candyland board game.  What, they are?  Well, hell.

Arad said he wanted the new version of Pac-Man to speak to a different age-range of kids by putting Pac in high school; having him deal with situations that normal teenagers would deal with. [Ed.- Drug addiction?  Seeing ghosts?  Binge eating? Putting on lipstick and a bow and calling yourself Ms.?]

According to Arad, these situations may include questions of who Pac’s parents actually are. “He’s the only yellow one in Pac-Land; what does that mean?” asked Arad. “Is it a social statement? We’ll find out.” [TVSquad]

Seriously?  What kind of social statement is this exactly? I wouldn’t call Pac’s mom being a whore a “social statement” so much as a statement of fact. Everybody’s had her.

Anyway, here’s the only Pac-Man TV show I’d like to see more of:

[Video via WTFJapanSeriously]

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