Who Needs Recaps When Everything You Need To Know Is Written On The Faces Of Creepy Superfans?

09.14.10 7 years ago 46 Comments

Does every Chiefs fan express joy by grabbing the nearest invisible Shake Weight? I’m sure you could get actual ones from Steve Weatherford. He has a few he needs to unload. I will say, though, nice job of getting a middle finger in the long-distance shot of Rivers blown coverage TD pass to Naanee.

Don’t be so glum, guy who looks like Mike Myers in a fat suit playing a Jets fan. Mark Sanchez throws a heck of a checkdown pass. A few more years of seasoning and he might even be as good as Matt Leinart.

Jacqueline liked it better when you just yelled to her to show her tits at Gate D of the old Meadowlands.

And in case you missed it, Marmalard might have thrown his greatest tantrum to date.

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