Young Dolph – “Not No More” (Prod. By Lex Luger & Metro Boomin)

05.16.14 3 years ago

Young Dolph Not_No_More

“Drop the ticket on it watch that shit move faster, Trap house in the hood, collectin’ money like a pastor.”

I’ve spent the past week playing Young Dolph’s Cross Country Trappin’ exclusively and being damn near mesmerized how far he’s progressed in the past two to three years. When he first started showing up on the radar, Dolph wasn’t much more than a break in between verses from either Starlito or Don Trip. He sometimes sounded sluggish – but who wouldn’t beside those two – and his inclusion was hard to grasp when those two were rapping at such a high level.

But the one thing he had and what kept me listening was his voice. Whether he goes fast or slow, there’s no mistaking his molasses thick Memphis drawl as the intangible that can’t be bought, manufactured or practiced. You have to be born with it and Dolph was blessed.

And by Cross Country Trappin’, he’s found his groove. With a certain No Limit twang to his cadences, Dolph’s extremely comfortable on CCT. True, part of the comfort comes from the fact that his content rarely moves outside of his immediate surroundings, leaving him confined to the corners and backstreets he calls home. Those familiar settings make up the whole of “Not No More.” Produced by Lex Luger and Metro Boomin, the ebbing beat is tailor-made for Dolph to speak on his rags to riches story, peppered with ad-libs from start to finish. It’s Dolph doing Dolph solo dolo and he’s confident and capable enough to stand alone on the track.

High Class Street Music 4: American Gangster, coming soon. Until then, get Cross Country Trappin’ here.

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