Have You Sent Your Last Holiday Card?

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12.22.10 2 Comments

Thanks to web sites like JibJab, eGreetings, and someecards, most of us tech savvy folks have bid farewell to the standard Christmas/Holiday card over the past few years. In fact, I haven’t sent a Christmas or birthday card in 20 years. That may explain why most of my family hates me and calls me “The Embarrassment.” Regardless, since their inception in 1995, eCards have slowly become a quicker, more popular approach for people to share holiday tidings with their loved ones, friends, co-workers and people they love to spam.

The problem with eCards is that when they show up in our inboxes, we either completely disregard them (deal with it, mom) or we just check them out of a naïve trust that they’ll feature a catchy jingle and a grandmother’s adorable challenges with spelling. That has led to some no good bah humbuggers sending out viruses disguised as eCards, and those viruses can lead to anything from annoyances to serious computer issues. Experts suggest that recipients of eCards run them past their computer’s antivirus software first or check them via the website of origin. Or, you know, don’t open the card that says: “Hapy Crissmas, from Prince Gerard Bogungu.”

While eCards present us with an easier, more convenient manner in which to not have contact with relatives and psycho ex-girlfriends, they’re causing a problem for the United States Postal Service. The number of standard holiday cards is dropping every year, which means less money spent on postage and that means even more problems for a government entity already suffering from budget problems. Thankfully, the number of packages being sent is on the rise, so the USPS can thank my mom’s incessant belief that I need more socks.


  • eCards have led to the decline of holiday cards, but your grandmother will still send you $5. (KTRE East Texas)
  • Careful opening that eCard from your uncle because it might be worse than the emails he normally sends you. (WOAI San Antonio)
  • The USPS has seen an increase in packages. Just like your mom. (Cumberland Times-News)



  • An East Village greeting card designer is offering customers in-store pole dances if they purchase more than $50 worth of cards this holiday season. She’ll strip down to booty shorts, but no touching. And judging by the photo she can tell you the difference between north and south. (NY Daily News)
  • The developers behind some of your favorite video games have created their own holiday cards in this fun collection. Sadly, I don’t see my favorite, Leisure Suit Larry, anywhere in there. They must be Amish. (Gaming Bits)



  • The percentage of American consumers who purchased holiday cards in 2005 was 77, but in 2009 that number was just 62%. This season, 1.5 billion standard cards will be purchased, which is still five times the amount of eCards expected to be sent. Also, 100% of bloggers writing this post just realized he didn’t get his mom a card yet. (ROC Now)
  • Since 1989 more than 400,000 Filipinos have been involved in mail order marriages, with 94% of them being women, 5% men and 1% for same sex unions. You know, in case you’re looking for a special last second gift idea. (CBN News)


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