The Intermission (Freeway Mixtape)

Freeway & State Property Reunite For New Song, “666”

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Live from the 215, <a href="">Freeway</a> reassembles the State Prop team for the track "666," produced by <a href="">Jake One</a> and taken from Free's upcoming Intermission mixtape.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Feat. Mike Posner – “French Inhale”

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Wiz & Snoop match verses on "French Inhale," assisted by Mike Posner's slow, smokey (no pun) chorus.

We Got Now

Mr. Muthaf*ckin’ eXquire – Lost In Translation Mixtape

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Navigating all the music that releases resembles combing the beach with a metal detector.

The Life And Times Of Sebastian Rios

Joell Ortiz – “Seven Deuce” (Prod. By Jake One)

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<a href="">Joell's</a> mixtape The Life and Times of Sebastian Rios appears to be releasing soon and his newest track "Seven Deuce" hopefully means that it's right around the corner.


Freeway – Listen (Prod. By Jake One)

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Freeway and Jake One have chemistry.


Vakill – “Armor Of God” Video (Prod. By Jake One)

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Jake Uno <a href="">continues</a> to lend Vakill more layers in his rap shield has he takes Chicago under seige in his latest chronicle of war.


Vakill – “Armorgeddon” (Prod. By Jake One)

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<a href=""> The first leak off of Vakill's Armor Of God album titled "Armorgeddon" produced by Jake One and, to be totally honest, I listened to thirty seconds and stopped. Rarely am I one to avoid leaks but I want to digest AOG as a whole once it drops instead of in bits and pieces. He's been gone too long for me to get neither too hype nor discouraged by early listens. But the mere seconds I listened? Yeah, he hasn't lost a f*ckin' stride. The new joint is available for pre-order on <a href="">the Molemen site</a> and there's all kinds of packaging extras available including autographed CDs, the brand new Armor of God t-shirt and album instrumentals.


Snoop Dogg Feat. Pilot – “Gangbang Rookie”

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<a href=""> Lest ye young pups forget, <a href="">Boss Dogg</a> is an O.


J. Pinder – “All That Fire” Video

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<a href=""> Mobb Deep may have ruined the game for a lot of cats. Choosing to back down or access a situation with your brain first doesn't make you shook in the slightest. You win some. You lose some. But you live to fight another day. Those are words from the wise. Those are words from Pops from Friday. One time for the kids who have the nerve to think about it before it happens. J. Pinder is using his Code Red 2.0 and beat from <a href="">Jake One</a> to educate the masses.


Ghostface Killah Feat. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman – “Troublemakers” (Prod. By Jake One)

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<a href=""> "Supreme Clienteleeeee!!! Ain't no love to be found..." Oh wait? What's that you say? "<a href="">Buck 50</a>" was a decade ago.

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Freeway Climbs The Ladder To Success “Escalator” Style

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<a href=""> "Wonder why <a href="">Stim Pack</a> didn't sell a milli when/clearly everywhere they go/they starvin' for our audio.

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Freeway Is Still Making That “Beautiful Music”

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So a couple a weeks ago, I'm chilling with Freeway after his show and he comes over with this iPad, excited about the new music he's created for his upcoming album (his second of '10), Diamond In The Rough.

Rise Up

“Get It Away” – Review Of Cypress Hill’s Rise Up

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<a href=""> Rise Up, the latest album from High Times cover boys <a href="">Cypress Hill</a>, is an exercise in meeting expectations,.

Three/21 Media

Freeway & Jake One – “She Makes Me Feel Alright” Video

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<a href=""> When he's not in the studio, splitting Swisha's and similes, <a href="">Philly Freezer</a> & <a href="">Jake Uno</a> are known to mack a b*tch--or three.


The Week That Was: The Spring Has Sprung Edition


<a href=""> The weather's broken and it's no more appreciated than here at TSS.  The boots have been put away and the sneakers are out. Wireless hotspots & internet cards begin to look like sound investments when the sun begins to shine through the windows. Through it all, the content continues to fly fast and furious. Take a look back at some of the highlights of the past week: -- We've got your <a href="">return role all laid</a> out for you Dave.

The Stimulus Package

“Freekin’ The Beat” – Review Of Freeway & Jake One’s The Stimulus Package

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With budget cutbacks affecting the maneuvers of the Hip-Hop culture in several different areas, sometimes the best answer is taking it back to the bare essentials.

Young Chris

Video: Freeway & Young Chris Revisit The Roc

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While most members of the Roc dynasty have chosen to air their grievances against Hov instead of putting in some actual work, <a href="">Freeway</a> has been one of the few to move on and carve a strong following, going the semi-indie route.

The Stimulus Package

Freeway & Jake One – “She Makes Me Feel Alright” Live @ Highline Ballroom

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Last Tuesday, <a href="">Freeway</a> and <a href="">Jake One</a> took to the stage at the Highline Ballroom for the "The New York Stimulus Package," which is coolspeak for the NYC stop on their city-to-city tour of album release parties.

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