06.03.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

THE DEFINITIVE TOME FOR ELITE FLYERS. Yes, free-floating text oaf Peter King will be releasing a book this fall, which, judging from the title, sounds like a best-of collection of his columns. Finally, a compendium of all his random indulgent shout-outs to call my own! Amazon cannily has it pegged for ages 9-12, but I imagine kids as old as 14 could use its pages for rolling papers.

  • The audiobook contains EVERY Favre voicemail!
  • The book also includes a handy do-it-yourself guide to walking. Because everyone should live in a city and know its pleasures.
  • Foreword by Toone P. Wiggins
  • Yours free with six Kit Kat proofs of purchase!
  • Available on Kindle, once the SI tech guys spend six weeks showing Peter King how to use one.
  • And, in a savvy move, he’s beating Bill Simmons to the bookshelves by two weeks, thus assuring your book-buying budget for the fall will be extinguished before you get a chance to lay down $27 for 700 pages about the ’86 Celtics. That’s usin’ yer noodle!

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