49ers-Patriots Live Blog, Second Half

12.16.12 5 years ago 1,402 Comments

The Niners owned the first half, but the scoreboard reflects a game not entirely out of reach for New England. Three fumbled snaps, including one on a 4th down that killed a San Francisco drive, has kept the score from getting out of hand, but once again it’s proven that if you get consistent pressure on Tom Brady, he’s no great shakes. In fact, give Brady a shitty line and he’ probably worse off than a lot of marginal QBs out there.

Patriots converted a 4th down attempt of their own from the Niners’ 28, with a quick throw to Deion Branch. But all the Greatriots could manage on that drive was a field goal and that field goal was all they could manage for the entire first half. At half, one of the NBC Patriots fluffers, Rodney Harrison, said that Tom Brady is only slightly off because Brady is concerned about the Niners’ pass rush. Oh, how generous of you, homer skullcrusher.

Now that Bob Costas has floated the idea that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to never win untainted Super Bowls, it’s a great time for the Pats to get rolled again in the second half.

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