A Distant Frigid View From The AFC Championship

01.24.11 7 years ago 41 Comments

My view of the trophy presentation. Just close enough to make out Nantz’s smug. Try to contain your jealousy.

My buddy and DCSN co-writer DixieNormess came through with a free ticket to yesterday’s game. First 30 minutes: WOOOOOOOOO! The next 28: HNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH. All 60 minutes: [A noise approximating my balls freezing.] A couple Jets fans left at halftime, including these two old fat guys sitting behind us grumbling that fans shouldn’t be cheering because “we haven’t been saying anything.” Just a few less people barking in his ear during the second half comeback attempt.

Not watching on TV, I missed the two actual enduring moments from this game: Sanchez wiping boogers on Mark Brunell and Rashard Mendenhall smearing his seed on The Ben’s backside.

Watching the NFC title game in a nearby bar, I spotted this guy in what I can only assume is a customized Dirty Sanchez jersey.

One of his buddies told him a bunch of Steelers fans were burning a piece of Jets merch on the patio, so he storms outside and proves the fortitude of Jersey to Yinzer Nation by standing in fire pit a half dozen times. Fireman Ed certainly does not endorse such antics.

Oh, and there was a guy tailgating in a pink ape suit. I dubbed him Easter Ape. Color coordination alone dictates that this should be my lifemate, but I’ll defer to Mendy on this one.

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