“A Family Affair…”

11.26.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

So here we are. One of my favorite nights of the year. Thanksgiving Eve.

Surround yourselves with the ones you love, prepare yourself for the annual decimation of the Lions, toast a glass of your favorite favorite with friends, dance or laugh or both well into the night, stifle any heated debates with “We have a black president” or simply say “Barack Obama,” and, above all, be thankful for all you’ve been given and for all you’ve been spared.

If you’re in Detroit tonight (Shail, Beware… lookin’ at you…) come through Saint Andrews/The Shelter and indulge in all the above with me, House Shoes, Haircut and all the folk. If you’re not in Detroit tonight, I give to you this soundtrack for the night…

Sly And The Family Stone – Family Affair

Be well, TSS fam.

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