A KKK member wants to know which NFL team he should root for

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There are good, positive ways to celbrate White History Month and there are bad ways. Here is a example of a bad way, brought to you by White Power website “StormFront.” I would not avise accessing this webpage from any type of work computer unless your job dosent require you to not break the law as your job.

Im not racist, and I make sure to say that before every time I say some thing racist. But StormFront is a websight apparently dedicated to White Pride and Power and I looked all over the darn thing and didnt see a single mention of them saying “not to be racist” or “no offense.” These are the racists that give racism a bad name IMO. Ive got no use for a guy whose racist on my NFL team whether its Riley Cooper before he said “Im sorry” one time, or Dan Rooney. The NFL is suppose to be a league where all types of people can try and fail to tackle Mike Alstott comin downhill with a head of steam like a eyewall of a hurricane folks.

So after that lenthy intro to make sure you all knew how un-racist I am lets get down to brasstacks. StormFront subscriber “White Perth Pride” is some lib down in socialist Australia who needs some NFL advice. Speciacally he wants to know which NFL team a REAL White NFL Fan should root for. He dosent want to look like a idiot rooting for one of those NFL teams with minoritys on them.

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Now first’ve all if your really a white supremecist Im not so sure the NFL is the right sport for you. You might want to stick to cheering on your favorite Senator or Universty of Wisconsin Football offense of linemen here. But if you had to make a choice its good to know there are people who will help you out:

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some racist website

Interesting take but Im not so sure that “Forrester” from Decatur Georgia is too familar with Julian Edelmans heritage here. Forrester is a “sustaining memeber” of the site which to be fair is anyone who hasnt been netted in a FBI raid or lost there ability to type do to multiple fireworks accidents, but still it sounds like his taeks are respected around those parts.

Heres the correct answer to the queston: There is no team you root for as a white supremcist. Sorry, not sorry. Your suppose to root for whatever your hometeam team is but cheer really ridiclously loud when a White player gets the ball specially if they have anything resembling a long vowl in there name like HEEEEEEEEEEEEATH (Miller) or  KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHN. Thats how you do it or else you just end up looking like a jerk.

Point of debate- would a White supremcist love or hate the name “Redskins”? In My Opinion they would hate it which means its not a racist nickname- just another great point in a series of evidents that Dan Snyder should never change the name.

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