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03.28.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

A common refrain from NFL people is that the league has no off-season because there’s always SOMETHING going on. That’s some bullsh*t. There are long stretches of inactivity and they suck. Also, y’know, there’s no football. So shut up. There is definitely literally and figuratively an off-season. Still, writers and bloggers gotta dig up content somewhere. I’ll admit, sometimes fodder gets thin and you have to resort to writing about pointless stuff you have trouble caring about. It happens. And that’s why there are blog posts on prominent sites about Kirk Cousins spotting a guy with a outrageous tiger shirt at the gym and John Cena making a somewhat dated Donovan McNabb swipe at a Philadelphia wrestling crowd.

“Wrestlers making general local sports digs to elicit a reaction? That never happens!” Hoo boy, we are deep into the off-season now, boys and girls.

— Dez Bryant getting into it with Skip Bayless about somesuch idiocy. That’s something that could happen in-season, but it’s so stupid I’m glad it’s happening in the off-season, when things don’t care about should be occurring.

— More McNabb nuggets! Donovan thinks Vince Young deserves a second chance. It’s funny because Vince Young’s second chance was like three chances ago.

— Brian Urlacher’s brother is running for mayor of a Chicago suburb. Finally! He’ll be the big success of the family, in that he won’t have CTE.

— Osi Umenyiora signed with the Falcons. Wait, that’s actual news. What’s that doing here? Anyway, the Falcons are the Off-season Champs of compiling veterans who may or may not have one good season left.

— DeSean Jackson bought a $1.65 million house in California. Tyte aqua loungers, bro.

— Eric Winston thinks it’s a weird year to be a free agent. No wonder this guy filled in for Peter King once. He has the same astonished reactions to everything.

— Lions safety Amari Spievey got arrested and charged with three-degree assault in a child support dispute. It took them a while to get going, but Detroit is starting to heat up on the off-season police fodder. Gonna be tough to match what they did in the 2012 off-season, however.

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