Best Week/Worst Week: PFT Commenters and The Cleveland Browns

04.11.14 4 years ago 24 Comments

pft comments

Not only did the PFT comment section all-time leader in thumbs up score the best interview since Jenna Bush got her dad to go on the record, but then TMZ reported that Colin Kaepernick is under investigation for sexual assault. That meant that ProFootballTalk would have to post about it, which meant that it was motherfucking Christmas morning in the comment section. All of those thumbs up makes this the Best Week for the PFT comment section.

The folks up at the top got first crack at things, and they didn’t disappoint. However, my favorite pairing of comments came further down in the action.

pft comments 2

Numberology is great, and it was certainly nice of Blaine Gabbert’s friends to drop in, but none of that can top the world’s greatest criminal defense argument. “I didn’t drug her, your honor. She just wasn’t prepared for the potency of my Jack Herrer.” Oh, and there’s also a guy calling Kaepernick a thug, because you can’t have a post pointing out stupid shit being said on the internet without talking about the guy calling Kaepernick a thug.

alex mack

If the Cleveland Browns want to keep their best player, it’s going to cost them $42 million. That’s not so bad. Oh, their best player is a center? Yeah, that’s a lot of money. Way to get shown up by the Jaguars, Browns. Once again, that makes it a Worst Week for the Browns. But hey, Draft Day!

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