Better Know Former Backup QBs: Billy Joe Hobert and Billy Joe Tolliver

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Billy Joe Toliver #11

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Billy Joe Hobert Bills

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In order to get you through the drudgery of the off-season here at KSK are cranking up the nostalgia machine and looking at some of the immortal backup quarterbacks in NFL history. You’ve loved some of these guys, and utterly fucking loathed others, but you definitely remember them. Either way, you might be wondering what they’ve been up to since, so that’s why we proudly present our new series, Better Know A Backup Quarterback.

– Both of their wives tell their friends they’re married to Bobby Hebert.

– Both of their children desperately try to convince their school friends that their dad is the dude from Green Day. But thanks to the existence of Pro Football Reference, their efforts are thwarted rather easily.

– In 1999, both quarterbacks started seven games for the Saints and went 1-6. Tolliver had a 58.9 QB rating and Hobert had a better-but-still-pretty-shitty 68.9. Together, they represent the absolute low point of the awful, pre-Brees, late ’90s Saints. Or, they would if Heath Shuler didn’t exist.

– Each of them are about half-responsible for Aaron Brooks staying in the league as long as he did. After those two, pretty much anyone not named Spergeon Wynn would have looked decent.

– While with the Bills, Hobert once admitted to not studying the playbook before a game. The Bills lost 33-6 to the Patriots that day, and Hobert was cut immediately. Amazingly, in spite of this, he is still only the fifth most hated Bills quarterback of the post Jim Kelly era, behind Rob Johnson, J.P. Losman, Trent Edwards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

– Billy Joe Tolliver somehow stayed in the league for 11 years, playing from 1989 to 1999. You know that guy at your office who keeps doing just enough to not get fired? He has a picture of Billy Joe Tolliver hanging in his cubicle.

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