Can We Title This “Not Another Superman Origin Retelling”?

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In a move that shocks absolutely no one, DC is releasing a graphic novel retelling Superman’s origins called “Superman: Earth One” (preview after the jump). Because the ’80s reboot wasn’t enough. Nor was “For All Seasons.” Nor was “Birthright”. Nor were the 87 other origin retellings we’re sure we’re forgetting, not to mention all the Elseworlds retelling his origin if he were a Nazi or a Communist or something (although if you can find it, John Cleese’s “Superman: True Brit” is hilarious and really something special).

This time around, it’s J. Michael Stracyznski’s turn. Apparently Clark’s lost the suit and glasses, and now wears a hoodie. And newspapers are struggling, so apparently that boring death of an old media scion is going to play heavily into the story. On the actual plus side, this time around Ma and Pa Kent are pretending that Clark is their nephew, not some sort of kid born in a blizzard, so at least that’s been tweaked. Also, it won’t feature Luthor for once, so there’s that, also.

You can find the graphic novel on stands next Tuesday, with a whole line of retold origin stories following in its wake. We can’t wait to see how they retool Hawkman. Maybe he can be bitten by a radioactive hawk this time.

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