Chargers-Raiders Super Late Game Open Thread

10.06.13 4 years ago 847 Comments


You know how the NFL always has that doubleheader the first Monday of each season and the latter game is always a depressing contest that involves the Raiders? Well, this is just like that, only it’s starting even later. Yay, Monday Morning Insomniaball!

But hey, Berman isn’t in the booth at least.

Darren McFadden is inactive, meaning Terrelle Pryor will get slightly less help for his first start since suffering a concussion in the Monday night blowout against the Broncos two weeks ago. Last Sunday, it was Matt Flynn getting the start against the Redskins. In that game, Oakland jumped out to a 14-point lead then proceeded to allow 24 unanswered points the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, there have been rumblings that Josh Freeman is going to sign with Oakland because their offensive coordinator worked with Freeman during his days in Tampa as a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. Also, understandably Freeman wants a team that is willing to promise him a chance to start. And since Freeman has signaled that he could be announcing his signing tonight, it could be coming in the middle of this game. Sounds like a potentially fun situation for Pryor.

The Chargers blew a huge lead in their Week 1 loss to Houston, which immediately convinced the world that they would never shake their terminal Norvness. But since then, San Diego has actually managed to eke out wins in two close games and that’s enough to sway some into foolishly giving them a chance again. That will prove premature, but they should still have more than enough in them to take a game in Oakland.

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