‘Murica: Students Go On Slavery Re-Enactment Field Trip, Get Called The N-Word, Pick Cotton & Ride A Pretend Slave Ship

09.23.13 4 years ago 45 Comments

slavery field trip

In stupid motherf*cker news, a bunch of stupid motherf*ckers apparently lived out their Django Unchained fantasies on a group of schoolchildren while on a field trip. Last year, students at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy took a four-day trip to a residential education program in Massachusetts. On the third day of the immersive program, the instructors went all method actor during a lesson on the Underground Railroad, and, according to students, went too far while in character.

As a part of a reenactment, students allege that they were called upon to play the roles of slaves, while the instructors played the masters. Students were then instructed to pretend to pick cotton, to pretend that they were on a slave ship, and, were even called niggers and chased through the woods. As well, the students were also told that they would be subject to beatings, hangings, and maimings to prevent them from running away. One student’s parents brought her experience to the attention of the Hartford, Conn. school board, and has also filed complaints with the Connecticut Department of Education, Human Rights Commission, and the Office of Civil Rights.

While it is important that children learn about every part of the country’s history, including the dark and horrible period of American chattel slavery, the program’s methods don’t pass the common sense test. Singling students out, calling them niggers, chasing and threatening them, even in the name of education, is such an obviously poor idea that a program, and a school board, that approves of such behavior has its entire credibility destroyed. Somebody should tell them that the movie is called 12 Years A Slave not 12 Years Old A Slave. AMIRITE?

Seriously, those people are really stupid. F*ck them.

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