Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Dating Cowboys Football Player

08.13.13 4 years ago 39 Comments

Now that you’ve clicked on the link you should know its a Oklahoma State Cowboy if your no longer interested in the story theres the door no one will miss you. By the way my take on this story has nothing to do with me thinking Jordan is beautiful and gorgeous and we’d probably hit it of big time,, its sincerely just football opinions like everything else I write.

Wow talk about outkicking your coverage Zach, sometimes teeth can be too white you know? It’s like, ever heard of using sunblock on your cheeks? Wow. Just sayin

I keep pretty up to date on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad news and notes but somehow this one flew under my radar. It seems that Cowboys Cheerleader Jordan Daigle who looks just like you have to imagine the chick Tom Petty’s singing about in ‘American Girl’, is dating Oklahoma State special teams captain Zach Craig, who’s more the guy who bangs the dead chick in Last Dance With Mary Jane probably.

The story of how they met is a blue-collar Manti Te’o fantasy come true. Craig got himself on TV during a game between OU and Ok State which is like a Civil War thats fought over which hole a cow gives birth out of, and Jordan saw him come out for the coin flip as ST captain. She looked him up on Twitter (I’m @PFTCommenter on Twitter Jordan just in case your wondering, so you don’t have to go out of your way trying to find me- no big deal if not, just thought you might want to know haha j/k). Craig thought it was too good to be true but after checking her out (and probably online stalking her) he figured it was really her and the two started chatting. They met on New Years day in Dallas before his Bowl game and continued seeing each other as Craig recovered from a blood clot in his arm (the guy in requiem for a dream had a blood clot too from drugs, just saying be careful Jordan). Now they’re an item and look really happy and I’m just really happy for them I just want her to be happy you know?

I’m not usually one to get jealous so I’ll keep this professional. Jordan is technically a Dallas Cowboy and she needs to be more focused on stroking Tony Romos fragile ego then stroking Craig’s id. Tony spends enough time on Sundays trying to figure out how a average college football player intercepted something from him to worry about his cheerleaders dating Big 12 special teamers. In fact I’ve heard as kind of a fun joke Jason Garrett is calling the area inside the 20’s “the Friend Zone” because some jerk always steps in at the last minute and leaves Tony scratching his head wondering where it all went wrong.

I wish them well I really do but perhaps most concerning to me is a possible college rules violation. There needs to be an NCAA investigation into this because while there relationship might be classified as “Amateur” on a YouPorn search that Ive executed several times to no success, it definitely has to violate NCAA rules since she’s a representitive of a NFL team and also she won’t return my emails and tweets too. If shes paying for dinner or talking shop to him I want to know about this not out of jealousy but out of concern for her I dont want her to get hurt because he might be using her to get a inside scoop on a job interview or something.

Let me say it to you this way, if hypothetically as a completely made up thing that would not happen, Rex Ryans wife were to sleep with South Carolinas entire D-Line all at the same time on draftday would you have a issue with it? I would because it violated NCAA and natures bi-laws, and also because it gives the Jets a unfair advantage by knowing more about certain measurables. Whats to stop the Browns from paying hundreds of Cleveland women who would of worked as prostitutes at some point anyway to go sleep with half of there big board and report back on hip speed, fluidity, and if they can execute at different positions?

It’s a slippery slope for sure, but as long as they’re happy who am I to judge the mistakes she’s making when there are so many nice guys out there waiting for their chance. But let’s stay out a head of this one because it could get ugly fast (like most guys from Oklahoma, in case you didn’t know that Jordan).

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