Want To See David Banner’s Short Film, ‘Walking With Gods’?

09.16.13 4 years ago 7 Comments


Let’s be clear: I had no intentions staying up later than I had to last night. But sometimes, your e-reader deals you a link about David Banner’s new short film, and you just have to roll with it.

Directed by, written by and staring the Mississippi legend, Walking With Gods is on another level of entertainment. There are some interesting Afro-centric themes on display, ones which you can feel free to discuss. The first time through, I just sat back and enjoyed the layers upon layers of style and substance. And the sheer randomness, too. It’s not like any of us woke up this morning and said, “hey, I’d love to see a pulpy mythological David Banner short film today,” but that’s exactly what we’ve been treated to.

Keep it up, Mr. Banner. I wouldn’t mind more of this.


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