Dislexy Rexy Will Not Kiss the Rings You Gave to Putin

09.20.09 8 years ago 67 Comments

I don’t think there’s ever been another team in history that’s generated more buzz with a win over the Texans than the Jets have this week. And with that newfound swagger they’ve decided to poke the bear as much as possible in advance of their Kris Jenkins dubbed “Super Bowl” against the Pats. Metal Gear Rex did his best Lane Kiffin impression and Kerry Rhodes pulled a near-Anthony Smith. There were even pointless Twitter fights involving Rodney Harrison, who someone needs to remind is no longer on the active roster.

Can Rex’s dirty chimichanga play well enough for the J-E-S-T to pull one out? Or will the Pats receivers decide not to drop seven passes this week and run away with it? Either way, Rex is at Scores by 5 p.m.

  • Kevin Kolb gets the start against the Saints, meaning the pick-sixes he throws will take up some of the New Orleans point total reserved for Breesus TD passes. Adjust fantasy expectations accordingly.
  • From reader and rare bearable Packers fan rodgers_neighborhood:

    As Lombardi is my witness, the enclosed was parked adjacent to the convenience store where I took a leak Thursday a.m. as I began the trek back to the decaying Northeast. Said leak-location is within a half mile of Lambeau Field.

    This week’s opponent…

    You can’t make this shit up. Well you could. No you couldn’t. Er …


  • Peter King picked the Lions to beat the Vikes. Done more out of spite to his jilting former love Brittfar or to menacing blog fisker Venti Latte Drew? It did manage to piss Drew off, so GREAT SUCCESS!
  • I have nothing interesting to say about the Redskins and the Rams, and there’s good reason for that, besides me being boring – It’s an eminently shitty game. However, reader joejoejoe pointed me in the direction of a egregious fan fail by one of D.C. innumerable political bloggers (how they sneer at us sports people!)

    Political blogger Matt Yglesias, who frequently writes about basketball and gets some cross links in the sports world, just threw out a very lame thought when discussing the Redskins name.

    “When I realized I was most likely going to stay in Washington, DC and write about politics forever and ever and ever, I decided to abandon my New York sports heritage and adopt DC’s teams. I know it’s a minority view, but I don’t think it makes sense to let the dead hand of where you happened to spend the first 18 years of your life dictate behavior for decades and decades going forward. And even though the Giants won a Super Bowl since I abandoned them and the Redskins don’t look very good this season, I stand by that decision-making.” – Matt Yglesias

    WTF? Obama moved to DC for work too and you don’t see him dropping the Bears. I thought you might be interested in calling Matt (who I like) a fuckup.

    Having to be a Redskins fan might be fitting punishment for being such a retarded fan, though I’ll wish some added physical suffering to truly send the message home.

    Guh, that’s so typical of all the political sphere douches in this town. “I shouldn’t let lifelong attachments to things that I love get in the way of my careerism! Not when I need to be able to have easy ways to connect to sources here in town. Uh, go Clinton Portman!”

  • I picked up Atlanta’s defense this week expecting another turnover bonanza from the Panthers, so naturally Delhomme will have one last competent game before getting the hook next week for A.J. Feeley.
  • Arizona-Jacksonville! Houston-Tennessee! Oakland-Kansas City! The battle of the 0-1s! Win or be in full-on panic mode in September. I can’t decide whether that would be more entertaining with Todd Haley’s screaming or Tom Cable’s staff-wide pummeling. LET’S GO TIE!
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