Dontari Poe Plays For Andy Reid, Can’t Eat Barbecue

08.02.13 4 years ago 32 Comments

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Chiefs noise tackle Dontari Poe, the first-round pick of the team in 2012, played last season at a listed weight of more than 350 pounds, pretty hefty even for a nose tackle. Poe didn’t consider himself out of shape, but he felt better conditioning could help his game.

So he and Andy Reid came out with the idea that Dontari Poe had to swear off barbecue. I suppose Andy Reid heard about how Chip Kelly ended Taco Tuesday with his former team, so he felt he had to get tough too.

“It might be the hardest thing I’ve had to do since I’ve been here,” said Poe, the Chiefs’ first-round draft pick in 2012.

Poe said he hasn’t had a bite of barbecue since the off-season program, ended last June.

“I eat a lot of eggs in the morning, eat a lot of protein, grilled chicken, grilled fish, stuff like that,” he said. “I’m trying to cut out the beef and the pork and stay away from the fried foods. And stay away from the barbecue.”

Consequently, he’s shed between 15 and 20 pounds and it’s shown on the field. Poe, 6 feet 3 and 335 pounds, has been near-unblockable during the first week of training camp.

That’s right. While Andy Reid was conducting a culinary tour of Kansas City’s barbecue joints in the off-season, he was making one of his players abstain from the meaty, fatty goodness. Pretty messed up, Andy. It has to be extra rough on Poe when he sees Reid down racks of ribs during training camp drills.

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