DaVinci – Feast Or Famine EP

08.24.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Quality. It cannot be preached enough how much DaVinci centralizes his music around bringing the best out himself as an artist. And at this stage in the game, with rappers sprouting out from every region in the continental U.S.A., it’s either dog eat dog or you’re going to starve with the struggle. Which how the Feast of Famine EP was born. Serving as an appetizer to his next full course project, The Beast of Fillmore breaks out the good china and shows just how hungry and focused he is these days.

He’s out for dope, dough and domination. A deadly combo. Download and grab some food for thought.

Below, DaVinci speaks with Thizzler On The Roof about project, the difference between it and earlier projects, the title’s significance and more.

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