Eagles-Saints Live Blog, Second Half

11.05.12 5 years ago 502 Comments

Nice of the Eagles to gain a lot of yards on the Saints defense but neglect to score points. That way, New Orleans can still be generally unable to tackle but people who didn’t bother to watch the game will think they improved. Philadelphia had a 14-play opening drive that resulted in a punt after a fumble from Michael Vick pushed the Eagles out of field goal range.

Vick topped that on the following possession, tossing a pick-six in the red zone and adding a clipping penalty on the return for effect.

Andy Reid only playing into the Vick implosion be continuing to dial up pass plays even though LeSean McCoy already eclipsed 100 yards rushing in the first half on 12 carries. But now the Eagles have fallen behind by enough that Reid will feel justified in abandoning a highly effective run attack. The playcalling on the last three and out before the half has already shown that to be the case.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be paying attention to Marcus Vick’s Twitter meltdown until this Berman ego-stroking at half is over.

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