Early game open thread: Brad Childress death-watch in full swing

11.07.10 7 years ago 124 Comments

Emboldened by the cheek shown by former teammate Randy Moss, the Vikings are in open revolt against Brad Childress. Reports abound that the coach and receiver Percy Harvin had a blow up in practice Friday after Chilly questioned the injured receiver’s effort. If Arizona can find a way to win today, Childress may be out of a job tomorrow. Let’s all bow our heads for a moment of silent prayer.

Tampa Bay-Atlanta is easily your game of the week. Didn’t see that one coming when the season started, didya? Speaking of the the Buccaneers, I hereby present the most idiotic non-KSK post of the week. A blogger, who apparently only watches terrible movies, called Trey Wingo out for referring to Bucs coach Raheem Morris as “Radio Raheem”. It seems the blog thought Wingo was not-so-subtly calling Morris a, um, well… retarded, I guess.

When confronted with convincing evidence that Wingo was referring to the character WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and not the movie Radio, where Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays a mentally-challenged football enthusiast not named Raheem, the blogger then attempts to ascribe his personal ignorance to his entire generation:

But the problem is that ESPN’s target demographic, viewers 18 to 35, are far more likely to connect the nickname “Radio” to the 2003 film Radio, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. playing the mentally challenged young man who loved football, versus the old Spike Lee flick that had nothing to do with football.

No, dude, it’s just you. But at least now there’s hope for a sequel to Radio, wherein a very special young man starts his own Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan blog.

Games are rated on my super scientific, peer-reviewed four star system.

NYJ @ DET **
MIA @ BAL ***
NE @ CLE **
SD @ HOU **
(Toronto) **
TB @ ATL ****
NO @ CAR **


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