Ed Reed Learns The Hard Way Why You Don’t Leave A Huge Bag Of Cash Unattended In Your Front Seat

02.13.14 4 years ago 57 Comments


Former Texans safety Ed Reed was back in the Houston area this week for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Apparently that’s where his bank is located, as he was busy withdrawing a large sum of cash and leaving it in his front seat. That shockingly didn’t go so well.

Houston police are looking for the person who smashed out a window and stole a bag of cash from the front seat of a car belonging to a former Houston Texan.

Investigators told Local 2 the car belonged to Ed Reed, who spent part of last season with the Texans.

Sources say the bag contained $50,000. Reed had gotten the money from a bank down the street and then stopped off at the Bank of America in the 12000 block of Westheimer near the Westpark Tollway.

Police believe Reed was followed.

Sounds like there’s a lot going on here. And though it’s not like he left the money unattended for a really long time – he was reportedly just running into another bank – perhaps you could take that bag of cash with you into the second bank. I don’t make NFL star money so perhaps it’s a matter of perspective, but there isn’t an amount of time I would feel secure leaving $50,000 unattended in a bag in my car.

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