Garçon, Please Send Two Beers and Your Finest Cheerleaders To My Seat

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File under It Must Be Nice To Have This Much Money To Burn, the NFL is partnering with app developer Experience which allows ticket holders to add to their game day fun with a few taps on their smartphone. Game “memories” available for purchase include seat upgrades, birthday messages, access to the coach’s press conferences, being featured on the fan cam, field access during warm-ups and last but least, order cheerleader visits to their seats. While some teams have offered cheerleader visits suite owners in the past, the Titans for example include an annual cheerleader visit in the package, this appears to be a new perk for the poor ticket holders who instead of spending hundred of thousands on suites opt for mere tens of thousands on personal seat licenses. So instead of being hit on creepy rich dudes with a lot of money, cheerleaders can be hit on creepy upper-middle class dudes.

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Three teams worked with Experience last season, the Falcons, Seahawks and Tampa Bay all offered the app to select season ticket holders. With the new partnership the NFL and Experience expect to have at least sixteen teams offering these fan perks for the 2014 season. Participating teams can design their own packages and decide if they want to offer the pick for select season ticket holders, all season ticket holders or anyone with a ticket and a dream have to Staci come all the way up to the 700 level, partial obstruction seats. And if not Staci, maybe Steely McBeam because well, who hasn’t wanted to punch a mascot at least once in their life.

[H/T via Sports Business Journal via CBS Sports]

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