QoTD: If You Were Offered An On-The-Spot Vacation, Would You Go?

09.25.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

heineken departure roulette 2

Despite being a preferred alcoholic beverage of fine gentleman across the globe – myself included, Heineken shows their branding is on point too, with their “Departure Roulette” campaign, which poses the question above. After providing the bait to would-be passengers at JFK airport in New York this past summer, the Dutch brewers documented the results in a video short.

As a follow-up, the green bottlers selected some bold social commenters who said they’d also be all in on the random vacation somewhere across the globe. Then, for “Departure Roulette 2.0,” they tracked them down to see if they were true to their word and offered them the chance of a lifetime as well. The opportunity is priceless and so are the reactions.

After watching both videos from Heineken’s “Departure Roulette” social experiment, I’m personally pretty sure I’d go, just as long as wifey can come. Otherwise, the culture kick might not be worth the guilt trips upon my return.

What would you guys do? Stay on track or jet set on a whim?

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