Iamnobodi Establishes His Identity With His Beats

09.20.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


Düsseldorf, Germany probably doesn’t cross most people as a international hotbed for urban music. Yet it’s the hometown of precocious beat provider Iamnobodi. The kid’s sound bears resemblance to beats from J Dilla, early Timbaland and Karriem Riggins yet shows enough variance to draw new listeners. His approach helps his name ring bells on Soundcloud and, now, let’s see if he does the same on TSS.

Summer’s dead but Iamnobodi keeps the season’s vibes alive in song. His latest work in “Maputo Dance” sees some soft synths play host to bouncy drum programming and a funky bassline. Those new to his stylings should notice he’s no rookie. Each transition feels just right without grandiose, fashionable rises and falls. You can catch “Maputo Dance” for free now and later on Elevated, Iamnobodi’s upcoming release, October 1.

A quick perusal of Iamnobodi’s Soundcloud page uncovers his ability to create high-quality remixes. His takes on records from Brandy, Miguel and especially Amel Larrieux capture the spirit of making a proper rendition. Each track gets spun on their heads and laced with his signature style.

Iamnobodi really shows out on his original works, though. Such is especially true on “Good Wine.” He concocts a fresh, sophisticated arrangement one wouldn’t expect from a younger cat.

J. Tinsley, for instance, may hear “Good Wine” just once. Then he’ll forgo those shake club trips in sweatpants for linen sets at the local lounge. The sh*t is truly that powerful, folks.

Well that’s enough for now. All parties interested in the aforementioned beats can get their fill on Iamnobodi’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Let’s see what the TSS brethren think of today’s producer in question.

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