I’m Taking KSK To Image Rehab; No Need To Thank Me

06.16.10 7 years ago 309 Comments

Sometimes I wonder why I ever came back to KSK. The moral depravity here is more than I can tolerate sometimes. And the language! If I’ve emailed them once about it, I’ve emailed them a thousand times! Why can’t we just be a little bit nicer to everyone? Most of the folks in the NFL are hard working family people. They don’t deserve to have their good names dragged through the mud.

Enough is enough. I’m taking these rugrats into exile for some well-overdue sensitivity training. No need to thank me, I’m just doing what any of you would have done if you had to work in such filth. So for the next seven days, NOBODY will be writing on this site until I give them the thumbs-up for wholesomeness. It’s time that everyone at KSK became better citizens of the sports world. It’s just plain time.

See you next Wednesday on the new and improved KSK!

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