“It’s Raining Men…”

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In a shocker to no one minus a few teenage girls who had his picture taped to the wall, Clay Aiken is set to reveal his sexual preferences after keeping mum about the subject for years, even despite previously denying it & the whole the gay tabloid scandal.

After years of dodging questions, former “American Idol” singer Clay Aiken will acknowledge he is a gay man in an interview with People magazine set to run on its Web site Wednesday, according to media reports.

No, I don’t really care about Clay’s music or his sexuality for that matter. Hell, I could care less if he was sweeter than a bag of Domino’s sugar or railing half of Hollywood. What I do somewhat admire is his decision to speak the truth because he didn’t want to be considered a liar by his infant child. And he seems happy, even lighter in his loafers, now free from the public’s scrutiny & questioning.

And it got me to thinking how a few others might benefit from a public cleansing of sorts, throwing a few skeleton bones out of their closets. Here’s a few celebs who should follow Clay’s lead.

Rick Ross

Raaooowwwssss, just fess up & admit it was you in the pics. Stop trying to put it off on Kimbo Slice. And stop dropping new tracks, still rhyming about boss life, like we’re just gonna magically forget. You’re not the first rapper to front in lyrics & rap about a lifestyle that wasn’t really yours. However you are the first one who’s tried to lie to us about it like we’re gullible enough to drink that Kool-Aid. the Little Man Defense this is not. We know it was you. The sooner you admit, the sooner we’ll forget.


Juice, you’re going to jail this time anyway, so you might as well confess. I’m sure the statute of limitations ran out anyway.

Alicia Keys

Please just publicly admit you’re gay, you like menage’s, enjoy taking it in every orifice, sex in public places, going down on her man at his beckoned call and have a thing for slim sexy Black dudes.

Okay, maybe that was just for me & there’s no truth to be found there…but I can dream.

Broke Rappers

Only Sean P. willfully admits that he’s the brokest rapper we know. The rest are licensing their names to these labels, living off advance money they’ll never be able to pay off and wearing a new chain every month. Nevertheless, I feel safe in saying that I probably have more money in the bank than Tyga, Ace Hood and Mike Jones…combined…and I don’t have a lot of money in the bank. So, please rappers, stop fronting like you do.

R. Kelly

Just admit you you like young girls. Tracing back to Elvis, John Lennon, Jerry Lee Lewis & Michael Jackson, we’ve always had sexual deviants & dudes with fetishes leading a public life as entertainers. Sure, some of these men could have any woman they wanted. Unfortunately for those ladies, the singers don’t want them or the panties they threw on stage; they want their young daughters..and in some cases their sons.

R., by now you should know the black community doesn’t care as long as you keep putting out good music. We’ll still play your music @ BBQs, still step to your tracks & my mom will still say how that “Rrrruurrrhhh Kelly boy can sang.” We’ve already anointed you & you know we won’t be wiping the oils off you anytime soon.

My uncle Ray’s 60+ year old ass brings his young mistress to family functions occasionally while my aunt Patty sits there & acts oblivious. Yeah, Ray tries to pawn shorty off as being with his son Shawn, but we all know Shawn is gayer than Clay Aiken. We just laugh, whisper a little & treat her like family. Uncle Ray’s loaded so I guess money will make women do and accept strange things.

Sometimes just for kicks, we keep asking when her & Shawn are gettin married.

Johnny Gill

If we could only get Johnny Gill to settle up his debts & say he’s a tinkerbell, we could move forward as a people and then get on with that New Edition reunion. Until then, “My My My” will not be viewed in the proper romantic context.

This post brought to you while listening to India’s “The Truth”…because I am so real.

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