J.R. Smith Continues To Turn Tricks On The Spurs

12.23.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

The San Antonio Spurs may be virtually unbeatable but J.R. Smith still has their number when it comes to posterizing the defenders. Last time, it was Gary Neal who was victim to an aerial attack. Now, Timmy D. gets frozen in his stance as J.R. simply spins past him—in the air.

The level of concentration and cognitive skill it takes to pull something like this off is pretty uncanny. In other words, that boy good.

Via Meet Tha Dealer

On a semi-related note, condolencses go out to Carmelo Anthony and his family. His sister, who was a mother of 4, recently passed away in Baltimore.

Carmelo Anthony Sister: Nuggets Star Leaves Team After Sibling Death [Bleacher Report]

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