Sound Breakdown: Crada’s “Hyyerr”

03.07.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

The production on Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon was stellar. You don’t have to like his singing or his subject matter, but he’s got an immaculate ear for picking beats. His debut album displayed a wide range of electronica, Hip-Hop, and alternative tunes for fans to slobber over. One peculiar assignment was the feature from German producer Christian Kalla, better known as Crada, for “Hyyerr.” His U.S. beat track list is baby-hair thin, but his work on the cut made it a grade-A jam.

The arrangement and layers are the most salient aspect within this song. Those violins? Sure, someone could make them with a PC and a copy of Magix, as Crada did. But he catches and emulates the melody very well. The bouncy hats and cymbals sound like it was made right in a Cleveland basement. Also check the sample and bass: perfect for stoners and bassers alike, the bouncy bass claps are perfect for riding. The Lou Rawls sample loop adds a slight soulful and funky twang on the inner corners of each bar.

Considering Crada’s previous work, one would think this instrumental was made off a dare*. Overall, it’s the most groovy song on the album, great for freestyling and zoning out. It’s so nice that some producers have even tried to recreate the beat with fairly good results.

* – He did co-produce “Fireworks” off Thank Me Later, and something tells me he fine-tuned the drums and keys–something Noah “40” Shebib seems to prefer be off-key.

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