KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Future Puppy Bowl Uniforms

03.18.14 4 years ago 43 Comments

A tiny dog togged up in a lil’ football uniform is never not adorable and we must henceforth put all entrants in the Puppy Bowl through this, even if it constitutes low-grade torture. I caution against activating the audio in this Vine. The wheezing laughter of the dog’s owner all but undoes the cuteness.

— Trindon Holliday signed a one-year deal with the Giants. I would have preferred the Eagles so Chip Kelly can run the Lilliputian offense with Darren Sproles, but still nice that the NFC East will lead the league in tiny people.

— We didn’t get around to making fun of Brandon Weeden signing with the Cowboys on Monday, so consider this our official KSK schadenfreude. Our lives will be so much richer with deranged Cowboys fans calling for Weeden at some point of the season, even if it means perhaps Kyle Orton losing his job. At the same time, GABBERT VS. DOOPY PANTZ NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Book it!

— James Jones signed a three-year, $11.3 million deal with the Raiders. At long last, Peter King can rest easy. And by easy, I mean passed out in the bleachers of a spring training game with a pile of Allagash bottles and nutmeg pasta containers by his side.

— The folks at Bleeding Green Nation track the course of this year’s DeSean Jackson trade rumors. Yes, very interesting that his home was robbed in the middle of contract talks. Expertly done smokescreen by the burglar.

— A pig diarrhea epidemic is driving up the cost of bacon. If you don’t think that’s football related, you’re obviously not killing yourself with enough tasty meats.

— Terrell Davis was certainly unnerved in the NFL Network studios by the 4.4 magnitude L.A. earthquake on Monday. It’s not Steve Mariucci shitting his pants because of the Raymond James Stadium cannon, but it’ll do for mid March.

— Ryan Clark is drawing interest from the Redskins and the Ravens, though Baltimore would obviously cause by far the most yinzer anguish.

— Can’t decide if this plea for the Redskins to sign Tebow is sincere or satire, but either way I’m deeply disturbed.

— Benjamin Watson is the frontrunner to take over as the president of the NFLPA now that Domonique Foxworth is leaving. I can’t speak to Watson’s credentials on labor issues, but he sure did show some hustle running down Champ Bailey on that interception return in the ’05 playoffs. Surely that means something!

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