Kommenter Draft: Controversial Magazine Covers

07.19.13 4 years ago 187 Comments

hitler stache and devil horns
Why stop at devil horns and a Hitler ‘stache? Draw a dick on his face for the triefecta.

Everyone was filled with varying levels outrage (from none all the way up to Fox News) when it was revealed that Rolling Stone was still printing magazines. Worse yet, they put a picture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev on the cover. Seeing his youthful locks on the cover of a magazine usually associated with beloved celebrities like Chris Brown, Charles Manson and Madonna made everyone continue to not buy magazines because of the controversy and/or the availability of the internet.

Still, if magazine editors want to get really provocative I’m sure they could do a hell of a lot better. That’s why this week we’re drafting magazines along with subjects for the cover. The idea is to offend as many people as humanly possible.

jerry sandusky boys life

With the first pick I’m taking Jerry Sandusky and Boys’ Life, but only because I couldn’t find a picture of George Zimmerman that was sexy enough for KING. Make your picks in the comments, and wait 20 picks before going back for seconds.

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