Lil B Says He’s Gay, GLAAD Says He Better Be

04.19.11 6 years ago 72 Comments

Whether he was serious or not, it looks like the gay community is expecting Lil B to put out, making good on that pesky album title he tossed out.

“While revealing the disc’s name during his performance over the weekend at Coachella, he explained that the statement doesn’t refer to his lifestyle; instead it has to do with the power – or lack thereof – of words. reached out to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, to get their opinion.”

GLAAD immediately disagreed. “As a lyricist, Lil B knows that words matter,” a spokesperson for the organization said. “Slurs have the power to fuel intolerance. We hope that Lil B’s album title is not just a gimmick, and is really a sincere attempt to be an ally. He has the platform and the voice. We hope he uses it in a positive way.'” [XXL]

Also, I’ll take this moment to address a few of the comments from the previous post, even though I said I wouldn’t. I am not homophobic and to assume such is illogical. I mean, all my friends are gay. I simply prefer artists to treat Hip-Hop like a culture to be respected, not an ongoing publicity stunt.

GLAAD Reacts to “Gay” Lil B Album [XXL]

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