Lil Boosie’s Getting Out Of Prison By Valentine’s Day?

01.29.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

Lil Boosie

What started out as speculation and rumors looks to be gaining some legs. We’re talking about the prospect of Lil Boosie being a free man soon after the calendar flips to February.

Per Miss Info, Hot97’s Ebro states that Bad Azz will be a free man on February 13. This coincide with an earlier report we shared that included info given by Boosie’s brother, indicating that February 2014 would be the release date, depending on Boosie completing two classes and his good behavior being factored into his sentence.

Not to get anyone’s hopes up any further, but this flyer also landed on my e-desk this morning. It shares similar info as seen on the @BoosieOfficial Twitter page. However, let me state that I can’t vouch for the flyer or that Twitter handle. Could be real or it could be janky promoters. Lord knows I hope it and all this other news right and true.

Lil Boosie Flyer

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