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04.28.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

Magic Johnson Says Donald Sterling Should Sell Clippers [CBS Sports]

DJ Rashad Dies of Apparent Drug Overdose [People]

How Far Fitness Has Fallen [Outside]

SkyMall Loses Its Captive Audience [LA Times]

10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing [NPR]

Why College Sports Are So F*cked Up [Deadspin]

How To Survive A Lightning Strike [Art Of Manliness]

NRA Offers Children Free Membership Amid ‘Youth Day’ Gun Activities [Guardian]

Microsoft Discovers Buried Atari ‘ET’ Game Cartridges During Landfill Excavation [Tech Digg]

Netflix Roulette Will Help You Decide What To Watch Tonight [Geek]

These Stunning Still-Life Photos Will Take You Back To The Future [The Verge]

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