Migos – “Versace” Video

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09.30.13 23 Comments

migos versace

Migos definitely suffered from an Icarus effect. Before Drake decided to lend his voice to “Versace,” the trio had their own small, but growing buzz working for them. After Drizzy, they haven’t been heard from, almost as if they got to close to the sun and perished. Not only that but far more skilled rappers jumped on the beat and rode it into submission, stunting the growth of the Atlanta trio that’s temporarily a duo.

Nevertheless, here’s their video for the song that made them. And maybe never as much as before, we realize what Drake brought to the sound once we don’t hear it when he’s not here. No amount of silk shirts, video vixens or leopards can distract from that. However, there’s still hope for the second track that appears here, “Hannah Montana.” Make a few calls, get her in on a remix plus a video appearance and things will be back in order again for Migos.

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