Tuck In Your 2014 Summer, ‘Watch The Throne 2’ Is Coming

07.05.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

Loved Watch The Throne? Well, Jay and Kanye are about to hit us over the head again with more sophisticated ignorance by way of Watch The Throne 2, so says producer Mike Dean.

In a series of Twitter exchanges between he and fellow producer Hudson Mohawke, who apparently isn’t all that in love with Magna Carta Holy Grail, Dean pretty much let the cat out the bag regarding the WTT sequel.

It’s going to be fun seeing how Watch The Throne 2: The Royal Bloodline is going to work with Kanye’s new minimalist, anti-everything persona. Perhaps each rapper will split 10 songs amongst themselves. Yeezy will speak ill of the very sponsors and labels Jay raps about on his five songs. Oh, this is going to be very interesting.

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