Millar Gives Dubious Movie Updates

Entertainment Editor

Mark Millar was on BBC Radio’s Richard Bacon show yesterday talking a lot of bollocks about Kick Ass 2 and Nemesis.  First off, he said Kick Ass will make a quarter of a billion dollars on a 28 million dollar investment.  Where’d he get those numbers? *waves hands* MAGIC.  In a business where Return of the Jedi still hasn’t made a profit, anything can happen.  Movies cost nothing to distribute and DVDs cost nothing to manufacture.

Anyway, Millar went on to say Kick-Ass 2 is already greenlit.  He also said Nemesis director Tony Scott wants to cast Johnny Depp as Nemesis and Brad Pitt as Blake Morrow.  They haven’t been offered the role or anything, but let’s just run with it regardless.  Depp and Pitt are totally in it, the budget is a bajillion dollars, and Kick-Ass is the highest grossing movie of all time.  Yay, internet.

[Via ThePlaylist, who say Millar “never met a subtle undertone he couldn’t skullf*ck while jumping from an exploding airship”  like it’s a bad thing.]

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