Murda Muzik: The Halloween Edition

10.31.08 9 years ago 8 Comments

Hey, another Halloween post! Landon A. and I share an certain love for the music that exemplifies everything October 31st represents: horror, redrum, and of course the sonic creations that brings the paranoia to life.  After some intense brainstormin’, we narrowed it down to 10 songs that we feel best represent the biggest unofficial holiday of them all. Trust, they’re all scary in one form or another…

Landon A.

Rockwell Feat. Michael Jackson – Somebody’s Watching Me

Is there a reason why Rockwell is sweating like Michael in a Toys-R-Us?

Triple Six Mafia – Fuckin’ Wit Dis Click

Real talk, I’m afraid to listen to this song in the dark.

The Gravediggaz – 1-800-Suicide

A list of ways to kill yourself? Gravediggaz is for the kidz.

Geto Boys – Chuckie

Further reiterating our fear of Bushwick Bill. Didn’t he go Christian rapper though?


Mobb Deep – Amerikaz Nightmare

You can just picture Prodigy chasing you down a corridor with a chainsaw.

Master P Feat. Silkk The Shocker – Scream

One of the few times the “Uhhhhhh” was accepted by all.

DMX – X Is Coming

Nevermind the Freddy song. What’s scarier than X raping his enemy’s daughter while they watch?

Cam’ron Feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Violence

We burn bitches’ nipples off… No lie. This song would kill your grandmother.

Bush – Mouth

Reason alone to invest in silver bullets.

Happy Halloween Bitches!!!

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