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11.02.10 7 years ago

Technically this story is from Saturday, but Uncle Chodin dressed up like David Carradine for Halloween this year and, admittedly, it took just a little while longer than anticipated to get out of my costume. Regardless, news today is that over the weekend, Britain crowned its first transgender Scrabble national champion, 32-year-old Mikki Nicholson. The remarkable thing is that Mikki has only been playing Scrabble for about 5 years now and that number is just low enough to drive veteran, and previous four-time champ, Mark Nyman insane with jealousy.

“It was a big challenge but I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t think I had a chance of winning,” said the transsexual from Cumbria, who was wearing a pink wig, matching plastic pvc dress and lipstick during the final, held in London.

“I’m thrilled to have won and I can’t wait to celebrate.”

“There are weeks when I don’t play Scrabble at all but then all of a sudden I get the bug and can’t stop playing.”

“People think Scrabble is just about words but it’s the numbers that win the game, so a sound mathematical brain is an advantage,” she added. [GuardianUK]

Pffff, whatever: let it be known that Scrabble is not a game about numbers (or words), it’s a game about devil worshipping and paganism. I couldn’t even win this game if I had a dictionary smuggled up my poop shoot. So what was the death-dealing word that Mikki dropped to officially win the title? Do you have a clue, because I didn’t even know this word existed, let alone that it wasn’t found on a Red Lobster menu. Mikki used the 86-point scoring word “obeisant” (to show respect) to ensure victory. So show respect. *flashes sign language*

Special thanks to Vince at FilmDrunk, whose regular e-mails usually “Add 1 -3 inches”. Pic via TheDailyWh.t.

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