Philip Rivers Trash Talked The Media Postgame

10.15.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


In addition to making ridiculous faces, Marmalard celebrated the Chargers win by making sure to let the media know he didn’t appreciate his team not being given enough respect or attention going into their Monday night contest with the Colts, who, if you weren’t aware, face a certain Battleship Manning next Sunday. I know! How has ESPN or NBC not let us know every second of the last month?

Rivers comes off a little catty by responding to a question about time of possession with gloating, but he has a point. At the same time, what does he expect? When there’s Peyton Manning narrative to belabor, that’s what’s getting attention. No one apologizes for over-covering Peyton Manning. Does he actually think ESPN isn’t going to have wall-to-wall coverage of Pey-Pey’s return to Indy for weeks in advance?

Hell, even after being chastened by Rivers, ESPN went right back to f*cking that chicken.


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