PoV: Stay Fresh

07.05.12 5 years ago 29 Comments

Doing some cleaning and rearranging of storage during downtime yesterday led to the bright idea to snap a quick shot of new clutter added to my closet during the month of June. I haven’t posted as many pickups here since it’s easier to toss the majority of pics on Instagram (blatant plug: follow @JGotty) and keep it moving. The usual range of runners and trainers with basketball kicks mixed in and still minus a few pairs not included.

There’s not necessarily anything special here. Most are ones that I found to be impressive (volt LG+ 4, “Be True” Lunar Flows), tougher ones to find in my size (adidas ObyO Db Torsion), others that were elusive (KDIII “Redskins,” neo lime Rifts) plus those that deserved their own wear-testing (LBJ Elite series). So no real hype or special makeups, just joints with their own backstory and character.

Shoutouts to the UPS man and Postal lady, my partners in crime.

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