Who Is At Fault For RGIII’s Injury? The Turf? Mike Shanahan? Or Is It… Jay Cutler?!?

01.10.13 5 years ago 71 Comments

Robert Griffin III is a huge deal, so he has been an absolute magnet for dumb commentary all season, but especially since his possibly catastrophic knee injury that occurred in the Wild Card loss to the Seahawks. It’s made people otherwise completely disinterested in football weigh in, just because they know it’s a big story to a lot of people and they want part of the action/attention. For example, New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd, who normally couldn’t give a gold-painted sh*t what the great unwashed masses are interested in, pretended to be outraged by the way Mike Shanahan dealt with RGIII’s injury.

If high-falutin’ op-ed writers are bothering to cover it, you just know desperate ESPN content hole SportsNation is going to milk this puppy for every bit of troll potential. And that’s why on yesterday’s show, someone posited that it might just be Jay Cutler’s fault that RGIII just had to have major surgery. Since I don’t hate myself that much, I do not watch SportsNation, so I can’t tell you the particulars of the discussion, but because I have a keen familiarity with how sports trolling works, I can assume it went something like this “JAY CUTLER GOT HURT ONCE IN A PLAYOFF GAME AND HE CAME OUT BECAUSE HE’S A COWARD. PEOPLE HATED HIM FOR BEING A COWARD, SO THERE WAS MORE PRESSURE ON RGIII TO STAY IN THE GAME. IT IS THEREFORE OBVIOUS THAT JAY CUTLER IS TO BLAME FOR RGIII’S INJURY!”

That’s horrible reasoning that I just imagined, but I still kind of hope people start blaming Jay Cutler for RGIII’s injury, just so someone can ask Cutler about it and he can be, like, “DDDDDDOOOOOOOONNNNNNN’TTTTTTT CCCCCCAAAAAAARRRRRREEEEEEE!”

As for things that might actually to blame for Robert Griffin III’s injury, here is a video of Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson inspecting the horrible field conditions at FedEx Field before the game and being amazed by how terrible it is.

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