Rick Ross – “The Devil Is A Lie” Video

03.20.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

Words By Jake Krez

Damn it. The minute I put my name in to write this post I knew it was a bad idea.

Not because I don’t know about Rick Ross or feel like it’s a subject beyond me. More so, it’s because of the fact I just have never been able to get past anyone being called a liar by ‘Rick Ross’. The video for his song, “The Devil Is A Lie” hit the Internet today, sans-Jay-Z who reportedly got word from the Illuminati that Ross has used up his membership this month while artificially making Mastermind a No. 1 album.

Alright, so I have a bit of a thing against “The Bawse”, that’s admitted. But to not even get your featured artist in your video? Not impressive, not very ‘Bawse-like’. So it goes that the visual rendering for arguably the biggest song on Ross’ latest album got a sidestep by Jay as he lives life on the other side of the partition with Bey. For whatever reason, Ricky takes his shirt off, which I never really understood past that Rolling Stone cover, and the track is almost a carbon copy of his “I’m Bad” track off 2006’s Port of Miami.

It’s a rap video, short and sweet, just too bad Ross couldn’t flex those floppy triceps to get the Jigga Man on-board.

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