How To Age Gracefully, As Seen In Ronald Isley’s “Dinner And A Movie” Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
05.22.13 3 Comments

The actual words for Ronald Isley’s “Dinner And A Movie” were lost on me, but it wasn’t on purpose. Let me explain.

See, as I’m getting older, I realize that my 50s and 60s aren’t as far away as they once seemed. Given the circumstances, my mind is set on transitioning to being a cool, old ass senior citizen the same way I’ve been other-side-of-the-pillow cool through the early decades of my life. Like many things in life, it pays to take notes and pick up game from your elders. That’s how I got off track on actually listening to the song itself.

One thing is evident – Mr. Big is from the early era of Video Soul. The Donnie Simpson generation of when R&B music videos were still a new commodity. I know this because Big’s video plays out just like the storyline of the song itself. We see old player ass, slick ass Isley eyeing up a stallion built from the mold of Ja’net DuBois. Big’s able to slide in on her at the hoagie shop and have her sequestered to private movie at a closed baseball stadium by the clip’s end.

How the hell he managed that on social security checks, I ain’t even sure but if I ever cross paths with him I’m going to ask. I hope it’s soon because I’m aging daily and I want to make sure I’m doing it gracefully like Mr. Big.

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