Saints-Broncos Live Blog, First Half

10.28.12 5 years ago 674 Comments

Yes, my Halloween costume for this year is a NeckAIDS-inflicted Peyton Manning plus things associated with his many endorsements. I even got someone on eBay to stitch “Manning” onto a Papa John’s employee shirt and Micro Machines for a Buick. I know. I’m part of the problem.

Peyton, too, is buying into the stuff that he hawks. He’s now investing in 21 Papa John’s locations in the Denver area, Pey-Pey can help deliver on his TWO MILLION FREE PIZZAS. He’ll also coat each pass in garlic butter sauce and scream at receivers when they can’t haul it in.

As for tonight, recent trends would suggest we’re in for combined 8,000 points. Both passing attacks are potent. Sure, that’s only the case for Denver once they fall behind by 20+ points. Denver’s defense might be the better of the two units, but even they’re not a lot to crow about. And Tracy Porter remains out for this evening.

Jimmy Graham is active tonight, after missing the Saints win over the Buccaneers with an ankle injury. So that can only add to the likely shootout we’re conditioned to expect.

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