Be Thankful…

11.27.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

First of all I have to give thanks to Joey for unearthing  this clip from my own backyard.  I also have to give thanks to  Michigan  for laying down to Ohio State once again, which in turn undoubtedly gave him extra motivation to dig this up.

As we all know, Sarah Palin will not go away.  While on the road promoting her latest book she made a stop at a Borders in Columbus, Ohio.  The only thingworse than her still being on the national forefront are the goobers that came out to support her. 

To witness the level of blind faith support for Sarah Palin is borderline scary.  The stupidity caught on tape is astounding.  It’s never a good sign when a group of people are in Ohio State gear and aren’t around The ‘Shoe.  Watching this video I can see why people have contempt for “Buckeye Nation,”  although it’s pretty obvious to see that most of these people don’t visit OSU’s campus after class hours. Shoot, I feel sorry for dude who was trying to interview them.  His IQ had to drop at least 15 points listening to these fools babble on why Palin should run for President.

Top honors go to ‘ol boy in the Steelers jacket because he obviously saw all the Ohio State jackets and thought it was a tailgate.  At least he can blame his idiotic responses to being under the influence of a few tall ones.  So go ahead and laugh at Columbus’ expense.  TC & I will continue to fight the good fight on a daily basis.

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